Ethical Standards

The Vision Alliance practices are all recognized leaders in ethical patient care. All Vision Alliance doctors are devoted to providing patients with the highest and most ethical standards of care. Specifically:

  • We will only recommend what we consider the best and safest treatment options.
  • We will never knowingly perform any treatment that is not necessary and never knowingly perform any treatment on a healthy patient.
  • We will always to the best of our abilities provide full informed consent for any procedure including all known risks, benefits, and alternatives.
  • We will never "sell" a patient into a study, and will only offer study participation with full disclosure to the patient of the impact on their care, non-experimental alternatives, and ALL financial relationships in complete detail between the study, its sponsors, and any doctors in the practice.
  • We will never dismiss a patient under care for financial reasons of any kind, unless equivalent care is first arranged elsewhere.
  • We will never knowingly engage in any false advertising or false representations of our abilities or accomplishments.
  • We will always to the best of our abilities comply with all state, federal, and local regulations and care standards.
  • We will never provide any care by a physician with any known impairment, physical, mental, or pharmacological.