Member Practices

In 2007, Drs. Rosenthal, Clark, Kelly, Romanoff, and Dr Richard Koop co-founded "The Vision Alliance", a regional consortium of some of the best eye care practices in the region. The practices featured here provide a strong foundation for eye care services as well as much of the eye care leadership in Northwest Ohio. We are steadily adding to the alliance with new ophthalmic and optometric relationships. We also support and serve numerous leadership roles in the community.

Associated Eye Care

With offices in West Toledo, Oregon, Bowling Green, Perrysburg, and Wauseon, Associated Eye Care is a leading ophthalmology practice. Drs. Khalil Raffoul, MD, Christina Tam, MD, and James Knupp, MD offer cataract, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric, strabismus, and other surgical care, and Drs. Dino Costa, OD and John Elchinger, OD provide primary eye care, and contact lenses.

Alliance Retina

Alliance Retina is the subspecialty consult service of Dr. Greg Rosenthal. Dr. Rosenthal offers all retinal services, ranging from conventional diabetes, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment care to pediatric retinal care, anterior segment reconstructions, and more specialized techniques for the repair of advanced diabetic and detachment problems.

Perrysburg Eye Center

The Perrysburg Eye Center has been the premier ophthalmology group in and around Perrysburg for over 40 years. Dr. Steve Clark, MD performs state of the art ophthalmic surgery and general ophthalmology, while Drs. Reed Roth, OD, Jay Meentz, OD, and Lisa Nirode, OD provide primary eye care and contact lenses.

Maumee Eye Clinic

The Maumee Eye Clinic, headed by Dr. Kris Kelly, MD has been the landmark ophthalmology group in Maumee for over 30 years. Dr. Kelly performs cataract, LASIK and other surgical care while Dr. Jeff Lauf, and Dr. Jason Rasor provide primary eye care and contact lenses.

Romanoff Eye Center

Dr. Bennett Romanoff has provided ophthalmic services at Flower Hospital in Sylvania and headed the eye department there for many years. He brings a blend of surgical excellence, primary eye care and aesthetic eye and facial care to the Sylvania area.

Leading Optometric Practices

  • Pinnacle Eye Group
  • Premier Eye Group
  • Walmart Centers
  • Brunswick Eye Care
  • Costco Eye Care
  • Bowling Green Eye Care
  • Others