Member practices are in the Vision Alliance specifically because of their unswerving dedication to providing quality care. Whether in primary eye care, refractive care, general surgery or the most specialized treatment, we always provide the best, most current, and safest treatment options available.
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Diagnostic Care

We utilize only the latest and best technologies for the measurement of glasses prescriptions, the fitting and management of contact lenses, and routine screening and diagnosis of eye disorders. Alliance practices have available the latest wavefront optical instrumentation, state-of-the-art pre-cataract and other presurgical measurements, and the latest glaucoma screening methodologies.

Surgical Care

Our cataract surgeons offer the latest in stitchless, injectionless surgery with the latest in surgical automation. Similarly, our glaucoma, corneal, and retinal surgeons use the latest instruments and the newer, increasingly less invasive techniques even for the most complex procedures.

Electronic Records and Imaging

We use highly efficient electronic record-keeping and image management to be able to track, manage, and communicate care to our patients and their other caregivers. In these rapidly changing times, Alliance practices are all well ahead of the curve in implementing the most effective and secure systems.